Friday, January 6, 2012

Similar Names

We all know families that have similar names. How many families do you know that have a Bob or a John or a Mary in them? I know several. In previous generations, it was common to carry names from one generation to another. Given that, I can see where one family could have a Phebe and the next might have a Phebe. (Girls' names being carried down from one generation to another was less common than boys' names being carried down, but it still occurred.) But, what about a family that had the following?

Elzy Elzy and Rachel Dodd had the following children: James, Silas, Phoebe, Sarah, Leven, and Nancy. All were born between 1810-1836. James had a son named Robert. In 1850, Robert lived with a woman named Patience (not sure if related). All this took place in the state of Kentucky.

In 1880, a household had the following: Robert (head), Sarah (wife), Major, Leven, Phebe, Job, Charles (grandfather), and Patience.

So, in both families there were: Robert, Sarah, Leven, Phebe, and Patience. A couple of the people were about the same ages. So, do you believe in coincidence? I do not. So the next step is to prove how these people are related, what the significance of the name is, and how they are all related to Elzy Elzy! That is the next step!

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