Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Back to the Basics

OK, so it has been a while since I worked on the Elzy family. The last couple days I have decided to fix my files rather than do more research.

I have looked through some Excel documents and have noticed that I have about 5 copies of the same information, just spread out differently. So I am combining all this into one file and throwing the others away. Dangerous, huh?

To make things easier, here is how I broke my research worksheets up: First, I have all those Kentucky relatives in one giant spreadsheet. I am keeping track of birth date and locations, death date and locations, marriage date and locations, burials, obits, and headstones. I think this file has about 520 give or take people on it. That is a lot of information! Then I took the descendants of my great grandfather, Edward Henry Elzy and put them into a spreadsheet. But I limited it to those who were born before 1970. Why? Because there are not a lot of records I can find on them.

I also look for census records for each of these people. Now, the census is only available for 1940 and before. So it is limiting to what I can find for those born after 1970.

I will keep trudging along and hopefully I will find something that I just do not have!

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