Thursday, September 15, 2011

Searching, Scanning, Going Cross Eyed

You would think after 17 + years of research that either myself or Alicia would find some way to match Robert with James (who we think is his father). But the problem lies that when Robert was born (c 1840) it was not required by the county, state, or federal government to record births. And, when Robert died, it was not required by the government to record deaths. Yes, no obits or birth announcements in the paper either. So, what next?

I have searched through the county records and scored through many, many rolls of microfilm. And we have not been able to conclusively match them together. However, through tax records we have linked them together. Talking to a professional genealogist, this might be the only way we can link them together. So, we are linking them as father / son, with the understanding that we will continue looking.

So, what is next? Well, next blog is about the occupations of our ancestors. Talk to you then.

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