Monday, November 4, 2013

Review Your Work

One of the things I have made, for all of my family trees, is an Excel spreadsheet where I document what information I have on key individuals. This includes birth information (date, place, certificate), death information (date, place, certificate), marriage information (date, place, certificate), spouse, cemetery, SSN, cause of death, and obit. I am trying to focus on one task at a time -- although this is very hard. For example, I am looking for census records for 1940 for several of my families. When I find someone, I check it off on the spreadsheet. What I have found is that when I go to document it in Family Tree Maker, I already have the information and just did not record it on my Excel spreadsheet.

So what I have been doing is reading everything I have documented on that key individual and then double checking to ensure I have it marked off on the Excel spreadsheet. I find that I have more information than I thought I did.

Now, if I can just stick to that task and not jump to looking for obits or marriage records when I am supposed to be looking for census records. What a vicious cycle!

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